One of the questions we get asked fairly frequently is “Is your artificial grass pet friendly? or is your fake grass suitable for dogs etc”

We can confirm that all grass sold by Pride Grass is absolutely 100% fine for dogs and other pets.

Cheap Artificial Grass is often manufactured in the far East and in additional to the labour being cheaper the regulations around the production of artificial grass are also looser. This is what makes for cheap artificial grass but can also be potentially dangerous for animals and pets.

You will find that fake artificial grass manufactured in China can contain Lead & Cadmium, because it is cheaper to manufacture, but this can be toxic for animals. This is in additional to imported artificial grass often having low dtex, low density and thin backing too.

All our products are sourced and manufactured in Holland and all of our grass is fully compliant with EU production guidelines, contains no lead or cadmium and is 100% safe for pets and dogs.

Another thing a lot of pet owners are worried about when assessing if our grass is suitable for their pets is, “How do you clean artificial grass after their dogs or other pets have done their business on it?”

All of our grasses are permeable and have drainage holes so all animal mess can be cleaned easily. Rain will naturally help to clean your fake grass but you can also do this manually with a hose or artificial grass cleaner.


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