Pride Artificial Grass is the perfect choice for any commercial landscape application. Using our artificial grass is not only good for the environment, it also improves the bottom line by reducing costs associated with maintenance of natural grass landscapes. The expense of commercial landscaping professionals mowing, fertilising, re-sodding, and general upkeep can cost thousands annually for many commercial properties. Irrigation is another big expense for commercial properties that will be virtually eliminated with the use of artificial grass.

Artificial grass by can be used almost anywhere.

  • Airports
  • Roadway medians
  • Shopping centre medians.
  • Schools
  • Urban buildings

as well as, commercial office buildings and complexes. Aside from the obvious cost savings advantages, artificial grass can be used in many places where natural grass simply will not work. These include areas where access is difficult, watering is not possible, shady areas prohibit sustainability, or foot traffic destroys the lawn surface.

Advantages for commercial applications
  1. Reduce or even eliminate maintenance costs associated with natural lawn care. Average return on investment is 2-3 years.
  2. Healthy lush appearance year round – Beautiful green grass all year regardless of the weather or drought conditions with no weeds.
  3. Unlimited design possibilities – Artificial grass can be used in many places natural grass may not. This includes rooftops, indoors, steep slopes, heavily shaded areas or non-accessible areas.
  4. Always available for use – Unlike natural grass, artificial grass is available for venue use anytime. No waiting for grass to regrow after heavy use.
  5. Clean environment – No matter the climate, our surfaces can be used immediately following precipitation or heavy rains without the dirt and mud.