Pride Artifiical Grass Gym Turf is the best solution for indoor and outdoor functional training surface.

Gym Turf is designed for use in exercises including dragging, pulling ,dropping, intense friction or heavy weights, all of which are endured on account of its high density grass yarn and quality shock absorption underlay.

Customized design, customized logo, UV resistant, comfort foot feeling, makes Pride Artificial Grass are Gym Turf the ideal solution for Gyms, Fitness center, Crossfit as well as outdoor play areas.

Possibly the most cost effective tool you can purchase would be an artificial grass lane. It can be used for the sled, tire, walking lunges, bear crawls, inchworms, mobility drills, sprints, and many, many more exercises for both my group classes and one-on-one clients.

The area can also be given extra shock absorption qualities when installed with sand infill or with a layer of shock pad underneath. If you would like to have an area installed in your gym, contact us today to get an obligation free consultation.

Our range of synthetics grass products suits a range of applications depending on your requirements.

How To Recognise Artificial Grass Quality

It has become almost impossible for customers to determine which brand offers quality and which does not. As a layperson it is hard to tell the differences in quality. So if all products look similar, people will make their choice based on price. Please note however that there are enormous differences in quality. That is why we believe it is important to offer customers tips and guidelines on how to recognise quality.

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