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10Kg Artificial Grass Glue Bucket € 45.00 (INCL. VAT) (1 tub covers 18 Linear Metres)

This is a great adhesive that is designed for bonding Artificial Grass & Outdoor Carpets to a solid surface or weed membrane. CLICK HERE FOR PRODUCT SHEET    

Artificial Grass Fixing Nails – €0.80 per nail | € 65.50 for a pack of 50

These artificial grass steel fixing spike are supplied in packs of 50. Each nail is 9” long. Nails can be used to fix the grass in place either with or without adhesive. 10 nails should be enough for fixing a 2 x 2m or 4 x 1m patch of grass (4 square metres). 20 nails should be enough to fix approximately 8 square metres of grass, 50 nails will cover approximately 20m and 100 nails around 40m.
€0.80 per fixing spike or € 65.50 for a pack of 50 fixing spikes (VAT INCLUDED)

Artificial Grass Glue – 310ml Tube € 12.20 (INCL. VAT)

Artificial Grass Adhesive, used for bonding joined grass to jointing tape (jointing tape sold separately). Also used to bond grass to solid surfaces where applicable. Please call us if you have queries on the quantity required for this product.

Artificial Grass Jointing Tape €1.85/linear meter (INCL. VAT)

Joining tape must be used when joining two pieces of artificial grass together. ** Will require additional glue**    

Dried Artificial Grass Sand – 25kg Bag € 12.00 (INCL. VAT)

Artificial grass needs Kiln dried sand to sit on the base of the grass to help keep the pile standing up right and also give weight to the grass to weigh it down.  

Lawn Fix Tape (self adhesive tape) 10m x 12cm – € 27.95 Per roll

Lawn-Fix tape is a simple way of bonding the two edges of artificial grass strips used in leisure and landscaping installations. The use of Lawn-Fix self adhesive tape can, in some circumstances, eliminate the use of liquid adhesives and a separate jointing tape, thus avoiding the time consuming application and spreading normally required. FEATURES
  • Single solvent free material to affix the artificial grass edges.
  • Suitable for use on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.
  • High Tack allows re-positioning before final pressure applied.
  • Flows into substrates and thus works well on rough surfaces.
  • Convenient roll size for ease of handling.
The tape is constructed by having a layer of adhesive attached to a textile base carrier. The adhesive layer is then protected by a silicon release paper that is removed before use as described below. This method of forming an invisible joint to a laid surface is simple and effective. However the bonds achieved are not as strong as that achieved by the, Wet-Fix or AquaBond, therefore we recommend that Lawn-Fix is mainly suitable for installing areas of lighter traffic. Click Link For Data Sheet Of course, if you are unsure of what you need, please call our sales office here where our staff are on hand to help.