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10kg Tub of WetFix Artificial Grass Adhesive

This is a great adhesive that is designed for bonding Artificial Grass & Outdoor Carpets to a solid surface or weed membrane.

Artificial Grass Fixing Nails

These artificial grass galvanised steel fixing nails are supplied in packs of 50. Each nail is 9” long and approximately 6mm wide.

Artificial grass for speed and agility

Possibly the most cost effective tool you can purchase would be an artificial grass lane. It can be used for the sled, tire, walking lunges, bear crawls, inchworms, mobility drills, sprints, and many, many more exercises for both my group classes and one-on-one clients.

Artificial Grass Joining Tape

Joining tape must be used when joining two pieces of artificial grass together. An adhesive such as Fast Grip is necessary in conjunction with this tape.

Envirostick Glue Cartridge

Use the Envirostick glue cartridges to apply adhesive to the tape to join multiple pieces of artificial grass together.

GYM rubber tiles

Pride Sports & Leisure’s Gym Tiles – Rugged, easy-to-clean and water-repellent floor covering material for use in fitness and gym facilities, retail outlets, exhibition halls, equipment storage rooms and ice sports stadiums.

Lawn Fix Tape

Envirostik Lawn-Fix tape is a simple way of bonding the two edges of artificial grass strips used in leisure and landscaping installations.

Playground mats

Playground flooring for children comes with safety height ratings to help keep kids safe. Rubber mats help to finish off your play area in style while providing comfort and durability.

Pro Play Performance Shockpad

This is the absolute best quality shock pad underlay on the market, simply lay it underneath your artificial grass for ultimate piece of mind