Enjoy your garden every single day of the year with artificial grass. This durable, unique grass carpet requires very little maintenance, and is a stylish solution for any garden.

Pride Artificial Grass offer a range of high-quality grasses that have especially been designed for landscaping and other private uses. Artificial grass of today looks real! An artificial lawn is a safe investment for years. Besides this, it has many benefits. An artificial lawn is easy to clean, requires little care and can be installed anywhere.

Natural Look and Feel:

Our Grass was developed for its aesthetic value as grass for lawns. It is produced with the greatest of care. Height and density of the grass are carefully matched. The result is a lawn nature would be jealous of. It is a splendid ground cover that would adorn any location, whether in the shade or in sunny situations.

Artificial Grass for Today’s Lifestyle:

Our artificial grass is strong, yet soft, safe and durable. Kids horsing about, frolicking with the dog… Our lawns can take it. And imagine your swimming pool or Jacuzzi surrounded by artificial grass! It’s the perfect solution. There must be numerous examples you can think of where artificial grass for lawns will add just that extra touch of luxury, of class, of enjoyment to your garden.

Artificial Grass vs Natural Grass:

The choice between an artificial lawn versus a natural lawn is not easy. Initially you may feel that an artificial lawn is not suitable for you, we have heard that before. Please note that there are many different types of artificial grass. The right choice depends on your needs. As you can read on this page, an artificial lawn has more benefits and advantages then disadvantages. First you need to be convinced that our grass looks real and feels soft. No “fake grass” at all!

Easy Maintenance:

Maximum enjoyment, low maintenance. Normal grass will grows when regularly watered. But three weeks of drought will wither the grass, whereas three weeks of rain will make it grow through the roof! Artificial grass for lawns doesn’t grow, no matter what the weather conditions are. It will not drown or get sunburnt: your backyard will always look nice and neat. The same goes for weeds, twigs and leaves which can ruin your garden. Not with our artificial lawns, which can be easily swept without destroying the structure of the grass. Our grass is top quality grass. It is made of high-quality Ten Cate grass fibres and retains its lovely green colour, year after year. Because of your confidence in our high-quality product, we give an 8 to 10 year warranty on our artificial lawns, depending on the UV strength in your location.


Our team of installers has remained unchanged for over 20 years, giving our customers confidence that our expertise in the field of laying this type of surface is second to none.

We undertake complete ground works, excavating and laying appropriate drainage materials before installing the base and surface. We install new surfaces and can also overlay onto patio areas, decking or rubber tiled surfaces.

Request a free consultancy about your garden. Pride Artificial Lawns have years of experience with artificial grass and safety surfaces. Call us today to discuss your requirements.